The groovin' twins "Frit & Frat", the Fuller Brothers, are chemistry in motion. Bringing their fluid infectious rhythms and love of dance to a higher level. They're guaranteed to get the party started!!


Let the lovely "Dolls on Balls" roll into your hearts with their unique brand of visual entertainment and circus skills. Utilizing mime, dance, and juggling skills, they create a truly magical experience. One that would rival Cinderella's Ball!


Pierrot (the moon loving dreamer) and Harlequin (the clown) are 16th and 17th century characters from Commedia Del'Arte that evolved into vaudeville! And they're still fresh today! With their improvisational skills that combine mime, tumbling, acrobatics and juggling skills,they can move about the Gala or outdoor event with a historical flair that the guests will be familiar with!

The Rebel Ropers, Louis Garcia and Madeleine Falk, "two of the best jump ropers in the world", have combined the high energy of trick jump roping and dance choreography to create an act that will leave the audience breathless and wanting more!!!


There's a whole family of GoS-inspired performers, available for booking individually or with the Girls...